Tuesday, April 26, 2011

about part 1

I have to copy and paste and drag and drop the pictures and then when it published it put things where they wanted. I'm sorry about the unneatness of it. it doe not make me happy so I'm sure it it will bug someone else also.Love and blessings.Keep praying.Cathy

Part 1

       This was in a market in Uganda where Bette and I were waiting for Bishop and Pastor Paddy to return to the car with our vegetables for our meals. This street preacher was walking up and down the street read the word of God. How many of us would be willing to do that? This was on are way to our first meeting in Uganda. This town was called Iganga; we all so had a hotel room not far from this market. It was about 15 km from Idudi where we were ministering.
    On our way now to see the children at school in the Idudi School, where Pastor Paddy’s wife, Rebecca, is the administrator of the school. They were having there closing program from this    three month semester. They go to school year round. They get four weeks off in May, Aug and Dec.(5 weeks sometimes Dec.).


 Pictures done and kids wanted to see the mzungu (white) person and touch me.
There were 196 children attending the school. There are 7 teachers and one cook for the school.
Ok on to the next thing on the agenda. After a little break, the evening service started.