Monday, May 30, 2011

over the last few weeks

Jambo my friends and family,
We finished up the conference, and am I glad. I needed a rest!!! There was a lot of great things the Lord was doing during the conference .We had teachings and preaching both on “the tormenter or the mentor”, “Your worth something” ,”Approaching the Throne”  which are just a few of them.

 doing pictures from some of the children in Uganda Sunday school class.there was only 92 children.

 the Masai at Umojo conference. Bishop ,Esther and myself are also part of their group.

Now the last few weeks I have been trying to get though all the video’s from all three conference, and burned so then can have a copy to share with different ones.
It has been a real learning experience for me doing video’s, on my little JVC and then try and turn them into a nice video sermon. The different programs I had one would let me do one thing and another something different. And then it would not let me down load the final production back onto my computer. So I went hunting the internet for a program that did all the things I wanted in one program. Well found one and now I have finally started making the videos.
Now on to some other things. Bishop has been having me drive a little like to the church or home, and down to the gas station and back. First off their roads are nothing like ours. There chuck holes are so big you can drive in one side and out the other. Those who have been here can explain. Another thing they have speed bumps down the main street from the house to the gas station, every few seconds .there big ones your get to climb right up over them and back down. That is if you are not going to fast and do not see it till it’s too late. Then it’s a bumpy ride .They also drive on the wrong side of the road .Even when you drive it’s on the wrong side of the car. Another thing is the traffic jams. So to get into traffic you have to be very brave and push your way in, and not let the other guy win.
Well the reason I ‘m tell you about their roads and driving here is today. Bishop decided I should drive and widen my driving area, lol. Well so he sets in the back seat, and what’s that tell you. (yep back set driver, lol)I drove to the gas station and remember every bump,(first time) .Went to the ATM. So now I had to go back out in traffic only this time it was a real main road. So I though wow look how clear it is just for me so I started down the road and Bishop and Greta are having a fit I was on the wrong side of the road for Kenya. Well t hen I had to be real brave and jump in between two cars. I did real good but in turning the turn signal on (again being backwards) the windshield wipers start going. But I got to where I needed to be and was nice enough to let one car in from the side street, (again because of the traffic jams.) This nice blue car decides he can cut to will bishop has taught me well. He didn’t get in and wasn’t very happy .but you can set there all day letting people in and you go nowhere. I got brownie points for that one. Now I have driven half way to town and that’s enough for me for now. These people drive crazy here. They don’t always stop at red lights either. What can I say Welcome to the traffic of Kenya.
In my driving today Greta and I dropped bishop off and then did are errands .we went to the supermarket, A mini Wal-Mart. Did are shopping  and then headed back down the busy road on the right side, to picked up a table desk from the lumber place down the road.
This past week the intercessors have been fasting and staying at the church overnight, every night of the week, praying. This is going to continue on for the next weeks in preparation for a revival, that will be going on from June through Aug. Next week the whole church well be fasting and praying as the revival beginnings. 
The Church is very alive, praise and worship can be an hour or longer. They Dance and sing before the Lord, bow down and worship, from the youngest to the oldest. They have just added a saxophone and a trumpet to the praise and worship team. I play maracas also during the services. I  have also added a tambourine to their instruments. They also have a key board that accompanies them .I will try and post a small video of their praise and worship.  
 Betty ministered to the children during the Umojo conference.
We are looking forward to see Jane and Kent coming to Nairobi in a few weeks. She will be bring bibles and things for the children at the school.
Well I’m closing for now. God bless and watch over each of you till we see each other .Love Cathy