Friday, July 15, 2011

Kawangware and Umoja days.Part 2

This was a great group from Kawangware .they played hard and loved the bible stories.
For the theme it was we are all Kings and Queens in Christ they made there crowns and they never wanted to take them off.
They played sheep so well that before you knew it there were more sheep showing up.

the sheep layed on their backs and the shepherd had to turn them over
The sheep were eating grass
The shepherd rescued two sheep from the wolf.

The children were playing they were the sheep and Kent was the shepherd
Showing of their crowns
Lunch anyone.
There were at least 30 Kids piled in this van.
Another flat tire. I'm getting good at changing them.A little body weight paid off also in getting the lug nuts loose.
his was something these children are not use to doing. they even had Popsicles as a extra treat.Jane and Kent pretty red they looked like lobsters.
I was busy printing the kids pictures in the back of the suv. it was fine till alot of kids crowded around it cut of any air supply I had at that time.Thank you Ginger for letting me use that car adapter,it worked wonderfully.I will write next part on are out reach ministry and Kids day at Umoja church.

God bless and send more later.
God watch over each one of you, until next time.Love in Christ,Cathy