Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bowl a Missionary To Kenya

mission Letter 2012

they are so proud of their pictures.

Giving my bible to a new Christian

Sharing what God laid on my heart     

  giving worm medicine and vitamins



Dear friends and family,
 Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior. I have really appreciated all your prayers and support over the years. Thank you very much.  I had knee replacement surgery at the end of Nov. so I was not able to return to Kenya in Jan. as I had planned.
 Bishop Lawrence has requested that I return in Apr. as he has a building project that he wants me to manage. He founded and administers 27 churches as Gospel Harvest Ministries,  It is an independent church with little outside resources.  Most of the leadership grew up in poverty with no assurance of enough food for the day. I also will be traveling with him to the different churches, taking a lot of pictures of the children and teaching them that they’re all made in God’s image. I so love to do that because it draws a connection to God that the children can identify with.
   I will also spend time in Kampala, Uganda where Rose and her husband have a church and school for the poor and orphaned children and visit my friend Bishop Daniel from Maasailand. Last year they made Bishop Lawrence, his daughter and me honorary Maasais. Also in Kenya in Sumburu I will minister to widows and single women raising children. 
    I will be getting a five year mission visa, where I will return home at least once a year and stay about six months. As I prepare to go back to Kenya, I am praying that you will partner with me as the Lord leads you. Northwest United Methodist Church and Michiana Prayer Network are my sponsors. I will need lots of prayers and sufficient funds to pay my airplane ticket there, my daily expenses while ministering and supplies to bring with me. I estimate that I need $500 for batteries and other devices to operate my equipment in the villages. My ticket will be about $1600 and my daily expenses $25 for food, shelter and transportation. $8500+ is the financial goal.
  Each year God stretches me even more than the year before. This is a real step of faith for me.
I pray I can continue to move out of the way, and hear and follow the Lords plans.

Very sick little girl 

If you have any questions feel free to leave a message ,I will get back to you.

God bless, Cathy


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