Saturday, June 25, 2011

Western Conference

Jambo in the Name of Jesus.
Our leader from the conference, Jane  White- Stevens Writes.
This has been the most incredible week of ministry that I have ever undertaken.  I was the main speaker at a conference in Kitale which is a rural community in the corn (or maize as they would call it) growing region of Kenya.  Kent and Cathy and I traveled 8 hours by bus with the Bishop’s wife, Lorna, Francis, the General  Secretary for Gospel Harvest Ministries and Elisha an associate pastor from Nairobi.
We booked into a hotel and then played musical rooms for the next 3 nights.  The first room had no nets, the second no electricity and the third had a bar across the street where they partied all night.  We slept 3 per room with two single beds and ate by candlelight every night (by necessity, not for romance) 


But on that topic, Kent was a real favorite of the ladies at the church; he was publicly introduced to each one of the singles. I think it was for fun?
It was worth it all and more for the glorious presence of God that filled the meetings and the enthusiastic loving reception we received. Lorna said to me you are teaching with an anointing that I have never seen you have before.  The topic was Inner Healing and I had some handouts on Forgiveness, Word Curses, Ungodly Soul Ties etc.  All week it felt like I opened my mouth and the Holy Spirit did the teaching.  Once an hour before I was to speak, I was waiting at a bank and the scripture,” let the little children come to me “came to me.  I didn’t know how it fit my topic but I began with it.  Afterwards, the overseer (district superintendent) of Nyanza, Gaudanzia told Lorna that just  before  I came someone had rudely asked the children to leave the tent sanctuary.  Material written in Indiana came alive for folks in rural Kenya and lives were changed.  One overseer said that after listening to the teaching he wondered if he was even living a Christian life.  There were 124 people there.   24 of them were pastors.    In the question and answer time at least 25 of them wrote me personal thank you notes about how the teaching touched them.  I received a farewell gift of a dress made for me in Kitale. It is pink nylon with pink, orange, blue and black circles.


Kent did teaching on church finances and the church leaders ate up the information. They have never kept any records before.  They would just take in money and hand it out.   Cathy shared her healing story and was beautifully vulnerable in the process.  I shared deep stuff too.  She also made photos and DVDs of the event.  The area overseer  Bartholomew said it was the best conference that was ever held in the region.  I will share about the children’s ministry and some other exciting plans we have for Gospel Harvest Ministries in my next letter.  To God be all the glory!
Love and peace,  Jane

This is Cathy speaking now.
In the afternoon after the children would return from school.Pastor Elisha and I administered Worm medicine to 86 vhildren the frist day and on the second dose on  the next day we gave to 135.then yesterday finishing up with 118 for the third dose. there was enough medication left that we were able to administer the first dose to all the adults.
the children do not want us to leave in the are a few pictures after getting into the matato truck that Pastor Bartholomew rented for the week to transport us from town which was 6 miles ,that seemed like 20 because of the road conditions and how slow he had to drive.
Now the next pictures are how full the back with people.
I was so full that people were setting on the floor of the truck and even holding children.
one evening there was 13 or 14 piled in there. We would take the town people to town with us that's why it was so packed.
now yesterday on our way to the country church this is what crossed our path.

I was able to get a picture of them going down the road .
Now Kent also won favor with the children. he was having fun with them while waiting for the matato to
load up.
  the matato.

      here is one of the days we spent time with the children.Jane told the story of David and Goliath,I took individual pictures of the children. Lorna pasted  them out the next day.
on the last day they took down the tent and returned it while we were praying with different ones. then we entertianed the children that were hanging around with us. While waiting it really started to get cold so since I had shorts on under my skirt I took it off and wrapped it around me,it helped very much in keeping me warm. .
Well I'm going to close now as I have to get up at six,to move the car so the music people can come and pick up the speakers,and key board.
God Bless . Love in Christ, Cathy