Friday, May 11, 2012

what I've been doing

May 11,2012
Well My Family and Friends,
Greeting in t he name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I have been here almost a month now.
I have traveled to Samburu and back,getting stuck only once in the mud. The driver was a very good driver,(he could make it in the snow I'm sure)which was God's grace.

I have been working on the wordless books everyday faithfully ,as when the team gets here it will be off and running. Three conferences in two weeks .
I have the picture frames ready to go. I pray some of you will Purchase the ink and paper for the pictures it is Canon KP108IN kit. Paper and ink are together I purchased one package before I left.
And see that Jane or one of the team members get them so they have time to add them to there suitcases.
The best buy is on amazon:
Canon KP-108IN Color Ink Paper Set (3115B001)
by Canon
price is only $27.59.
This is the schedule to date.
June 15-17 National conference for all of Kenya ,Uganda, and Tanzania.
Travel to western Kenya (all day travel.)
June 20-21 with pastor John ( Dennis Friend) just outside Kisumu.
June 23-24 conference in Siaya , Nyanza region. Bishops village.
Return back to Nairobi .or do other conferences.

I will be involved in taking videos of all the conference meeting .
Taking pictures of all the kids. And also trying to help when I can with the children meetings.
In the evenings I will print the pictures and put them in there frames . Then the next day present them to the children and remind them that there all made in God's image. Then they will be able to decorate there frames. Last year I did over 500 so I'm planning on at least that many if not more.

Bishop ask me today about starting a single women's group for divorced,widowed and single momma's
group. that is a great idea. If anyone has any materials that I could use for this group please send along .or if can attach and send in Email that would be great.
It will be spiritual but also basics on how to do things that women do not usually do,unless found in a single sitting. Like fixing things ,making things work that you have no idea how ,but you fix it. God's grace. So pray I can hear God's direction in all of this.
The biggest praise is that there has not been any rain for three days. Some of the water has now evaporated around here, but there is still rains in other areas and flooding. Over 50 people died here in Nairobi from the flooded roads and other flooding. It is a nice comfortable 75 here right now. But gets down in the low 60's at night and there are no furnaces to kick on to keep the chill off.
Marcy thanks again for that blanket you sent me with it has been used a lot at night on top of my other covers to keep warm. The women at Monson for the fleece jackets, thank you again when it rains the chill goes right though you and the fleeces help so much.
Well I better close for now.
God bless, holding on to my Jesus's hand all the time.
Love Cathy

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