Monday, May 7, 2012

first few weeks in KENYA

Jambo in the name of our Lord Jesus,
Dear family and friends,
wow I will been here for two weeks Now,its hard to believe two weeks are gone already.
this is the wordless book that is 7 colors the tell the story of salvation.

black is sin,red is the blood,white pure,yellow heaven/eternal life,green spiritual growth,blue remember you baptism,and purple for royalty.I have made about 100 books so far in my free time .Now I have run out of black and white fun foam,the two main ones sin and forgiveness /pure.
It is going to take a lot of these to give each child one where ever we minister at,when the team comes and when I travel to different areas.
I traveled to Samburu last week for a wedding and to do Sunday school for the children well we slept in and the taxi driver came early so I was hurrying and the bag with the books in it fall under my bed as I was when I go back they will have that lesson.I didn't know I did not have them till I went looking for them in my bag. But we have a awesome God and he did the childrens program though me.I prayed now what Lord and the song deep and wide come to mind so we sang it a few times and went to what was that river that is flowing ,and if we have the holy spirit deep ,deep down in our souls then when their friend try to sway them in the wrong direction they will not go because they have that spirit deep down in their souls.the firm foundation.then related it to the ten commandments. God did a good job.I was so glad He is soooooooooooo deep down in my soul. This is miss Lynn,she and I hung together on Friday while about 20 women in the church came to prepare for the wedding on Saturday she is around three and a half or 4.Then I went and helped peel potatoes wow I never seen so many potatoes.

they feed everyone at the wedding.the potatoes were for the stew.
Now the wedding was same in the service part of it except we do not wrap the train of the dress around the groom to unit them together.they The bride and her court met at the pastors house to get ready for the wedding. everyone had blue finger nails including me for the wedding.Alice looked very smart as they say in Kenya.

now on to the wedding. Bishop Lawrence performed the wedding I will add more pictures on face book and my blog.
but I will add two more.

Now on Sunday God was great I went to the kids Sunday school and had no idea what to share or teach as my materials got left back in Nairobi.
so I just let them sing different song for me .then the Lord said as plain as day the song Deep and wide there's a fountain flowing deep and wide
from there the question was what is that flowing deep and wide .Yes the holy spirit and if you can keep that spirit flowing deep and wide it will grow
even deeper and wider and not be able to be shaken.We incorporated the ten commandments it to the same theme.used examples of stealing some
ones rocks and that if the spirit really is down deep in your soul you would not take the stoles. As when they become teenagers and want to follow
the crowd the spirit being deep down inside growing everyday stronger ,they will be able to turn away from the crowds way of life and follow Jesus.
I also usually have a piece of hard candy to give each kid where ever I go ,but since I had no funds at that point to get any I had some animal crackers
in my backpack for eating on the return trip back to Nairobi (12 hours ride ) so I counted them and there was 52 crackers .so I took them with me to church
and there was 48 kids and teachers so everyone had a animal cracker. The children thought it was so neat because they were from America.
now how many of us get that excited over a animal cracker?
Bishop and I left at 2:00 Am Mon morning to return to Nairobi.We only got stuck in the mud once and all of the men got out of the vehicle and pushed and pushed till we were unstuck.
I am now back to working on my photo frames and wordless books for the conferences next month when the team comes.
I am going to close for now .Keep your eyes on facebook i do show up there and put a up date on from time to time.
God richly bless each one of you.
In our Lord Jesus Christ,Cathy

Romans 1:10-12New International Version (NIV)10 in my prayers at all times; and I pray that now at last by God’s will the way may be opened for me to come to you. 11 I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong— 12 that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.

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