Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've been home now for 2 weeks

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
   I've been home now for 2 weeks,and finally sleeping better.I have been busy with one appointment after another.I have one more doctor to visit and hopefully be done for awhile.
 I'm still dealing with the social security issue ,so please keep it in your prayers.
My mom and My church Northwest UMC are having an open house for me this sunday the 18th at her house,in Mishawaka,IN.
Let me know if interested in coming and will give you more info on it.
The last few newsletters I sent on email only because of how long it takes to upload pictures. so I would do them off line and then email them to everyone whom I had there email address.So I am putting the last one on here now so that you all can see the things I was doing .
I am planning on returning to Kenya in Jan. for long term. I have to return home for two months each year tho.because of social security.So please keep these things in your prayers.
God bless, Cathy

Beloved brothers and sisters Greetings,
  We (the church at Umoja) had an open air crusade the last Sunday Jane and Kent were here.As you can see the praise team were doing their thing.     We will be having 14another one on this coming Sun (14)
I traveled the other week to Samburu Maralal,Kenya. what a ride it was .I already set up an appointment for massage and putting things back in place.I was a beautiful peaceful place, once you arrive there.
Pastor Josiah and wife Joan hosted us. Joan keep my tea cup full all  the time. Josiah and I had time to compare computer things and programs. Their youngest  Daughter was following me and helping me      
She is was trying to teach me a few words in Swahili,and I was teaching her some English.
Samburu it a village town,the roads are dirt and rocks,as I said before it was a rough ride ,but worth the blessings I received.the pictures above are the kids I had a program with on Sat.we did the bible story David and Goliath.We played a t shirt relay where  you put on the t shirt run to the other side take it off and give it to the next person . They all received candy and a pencil.Bless Nancy she read the whole story of David and Goliath which is about a whole chapter and a little of the next. Then I was the shepherd and the sheep ate to much and ended up on there backs and I had to turn them ALL  back over their were a lot of sheep and I was very tired after that.
Then I shared a little in the women's group and again on Sunday.The women presented me with beautiful Samburu neck piece.And the warp was given to me by the hosts. Josiah and Joan took me around town to look at the different shops,and so I could get a little something for my kids and are a few photo's I was able to get of the Samburu people.   
the middle picture is warriors, the  last our 3 women and a man just walking by. I have one more warrior picture to show you.
ok now you have seen a few things I have seen now.
God has blessed me so much with the different places I have been. As I prepare to come home I also am preparing to return in Jan. For a three-five year  stay.there are so many areas where my life ,can now help others be healed and  set free ,so they can trust God and except him as Lord and Saviour.Jane and I did a Redeemers Key with the Evanglist here and now her and I are doing another and we pray that it will continue. I have already seen fruits from it ,already  from the one we are doing right now Praise God for his awesome grace and love.
Well I have made this long because of pictures .but I well be home the 24th in evening ,and you can always call and ask me more. If any one 's church would like to have me speak please let me know,after you have talked with your pastor or women's group etc.
God bless each and everyone of you and thank you again for all your prayers and support over these last 5 months.I'm so grateful for Skype a;so so I didn't feel as home sick.
See you very soon. In Christ love ,Cathy Perman

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